Monday, February 22, 2010

Short Sick Month

We are looking forward to this month being over.

First it was SNOW,


and more SNOW....then we ALL got sick. Ugh!

But it hasn't all been bad. We have enjoyed some yummy Swedish treats in the form of Odd's homemade selmor.

We had a great Dress-Up Tea Party Birthday for our Ms. S! So many dresses, so little time!

The mermaid cake by request!

Plus there is ALWAYS hockey.....

Thursday, February 4, 2010

I love chesse crackers!

Today was the PTO event at Fudruckers. It was packed of course. We waited and waited with a full house of Elementary School folk. Everyone on the under ten-set was begging for quarters to go to the arcade. E' discovered PacMan to my surprising pleasure, for nostalgias sake I had to let him play.
It was a mad house and it was totally fun. I love the randomness of little kids. Talking with one of my best mommy-friends. and suddenly a little pip-squeak says in a strong voice
"I love cheese crackers."
Sure...why not.