Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Out of the Winter Slumber.. Finally!

Neighborhood friend and S race to the Eggs at out neighborhood Easter egg rally. It was a blast. E at the egg in the bucket game.

All the kids were really good sports. This was the first year the E was in the "big kid" group. He had a challenging time but in the end. We all got chocolate and that is want REALLY mattered!

Baseball and T-ball season has started. Both E and S are on teams with black shirts this year. I have heard that we can expect some sweaty kids once the weather heats up. Fun!? All I am concerned with lately is that ALL our Saturdays are now full of driving all over Hershey's many ball fields. This will be my weekend life through June.

We had a great visit from friends from Morgantown last weekend. They even help us remove and unwanted (little furry) guest. Now those are the kind of guests you invite back!! THANKS!