Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Teacher in the making...

I am back in school (getting that darn Teaching Certificate) and facilitating for E-Town (Art History Renaissance to Pop Art, International Communications in a few weeks)
The kids are back in school; Elliot in 3rd and Sofia in 2nd.
Odd is teaching school from home (thank you Penn State World Campus)

Kids have soccer, hockey, figure skating, Browines, Cub Scouts and swimming.

Hershey had a major flood 3 weeks ago.  We and all our friends are fine but a few bison at the zoo didn't make it.   

Elliot just had his 9th birthday on September 9th.  It was a soccer party!
Sofia lost a tooth yesterday.   Booo...not many baby teeth left!

I think that is a quick snap shot of the goings on here with us. 
Whew..... let me catch my breath...
Oh yah...I am training for the Hershey Half Marathon too! 

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