Thursday, June 30, 2011

Day One: Easing into Eksjö life.

Woken at 12:14 am, 2 something am, 5 something and finally at 8:20, day one "officially" begins. It is a good thing that I think my kids are cute!?  Jet leg seems to have had some interesting effects in them.  One hour they are dragging with impending exhaustion and the next hour they seem to be on kiddie speed, bouncing off the walls and threatening to brake their grandmothers figurines.

On mornings like this it is a blessing that they are old enough to enjoy watching Sponge Bob speak Swedish for an hour while Mommy and Daddy paste our fried brains together with strong Swedish coffee.

In the 14 years that Odd and I have been a couple, we seem to always do the same uniquely Swedish things within the first 48 hours of landing in the land of the Three Crowns.
 1. visit family (obviously)
 2. eat a Swedish pizza
 3. go to a lake/or swimming pool

4. Eat ice cream (trust me Swedish ice cream is special)**
5. Get fika (coffee and cakes) at Lennarts Bakery

As of this minute we are only missing the bakery trip! 
aftermath of pizza dinner! 

We had pizza from one of our Eksjö favorites, Via Vennito Pizzeria. And we made it to the food store. (Always a fun trip.)

A food store is a easy way to find fun and unique things about a different country. In Sweden, I love the various types of sour milk (fil mjölk), herring (sill), fruit soups and drink concentrates (saft).  therefore fun things to find in a European food store.)

We haven't been to a bakery yet (it HAS only been one day) but Odd got us some skånetoppar. These are basically airy chocolate dipped marshmallow fluff on a thin cookie wafer. (A definite diet buster!)  
diet buster covered in chocolate
How to eat in

   ...make that two bites!
 Tomorrow's plans include biking to Farfar Jan's (Odd's dad) and maybe fishing! 

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