Friday, July 1, 2011

Day Two: Farfar Jan and Fishing

itty-bity baby frog

Odd made excellent "swedish-style" snadwitches
Almost since we decided that we would make the trip to 
Lunch in Jan's Kitchen
Eksjö, the kids have been looking forward to visiting Farfar's (Odd's dad) house in the woods.  They have visions of playing in the backwoods, roasting hot dogs over the bonfire, fishing in the lake, hunting for frogs and snails; basically all kinds of good dirty fun.

Well, on our first trip out today it was cold and rainy. Snails and frogs were found in plenty, we even got a bit of fishing accomplished, breaking in Jan's new fishing rod.  (Thanks, Jan!)  

We look forward to roasting hot dogs, maybe swimming in the lake and visiting with Farfar's girlfriend on our next visit.
Fishing on the lake behind Jan's house

Fun in the swinging chair.

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