Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Astrid Lindgren's World

Today we traveled with Karin and Lasse to Vimmerby, where we visited Astrid Lingren's World.  This has been a favorite place to go when ever we travel to Sweden.  We wonder if this is possibly the last time we may come.  Not that we don't still think it is great, because we do, it is only that it was clear that Eliiot and Sofia were some of the older kids visiting.  It makes me sad to know that we have reached the "I'm too old for Pippi" time. ;-(

The weather was much nicer today.  It was a great day to walk through the park and visit all of the characters from the Astrid Lindgren books. 
The kids had a few highlights at the park that they had to reach....
Sofia lands on the picnic table
1) Climb on the giant furniture at Nils Pislings place...
Climbing again...
2) Complete the "keep off the ground" path...
Sofia and Elliot as Brothers Lionheart
3) Make some pictures at the "your face here" walls!

Check, check, and check!

I love that this a wonderful full amusing day for the family without a constant bombardment of commercials. We could bring a full picnic into the park.

It is definitely a kids place. The kids get to lead the way.  It is exciting for them without a single roller coaster is involved.  The fun is mostly from the joy of placing yourself into the wonderful stories. 

When I first came to Sweden 14 years ago, I was not aware of any Astrid Lindgren story other then Pippi Longstocking.  These trips, over the years, to this park have made me aware of the huge variety of stories other then Pippi.  I am so happy that I have been made aware and have shared the books and films with my kids.  

Now the evening is spent eating huge marshmallow balls that Odd purchased in Mariannelunds Candy shop. Another fun day in Sweden...check!

Elliot goes coco for Cocos balls!

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