Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day 14: Skuagatan

Sweet and sour.  That was the dual flavors of the day.
We had our daily exercise at the local geological marvel.  Skurugata and then climbed to the top of Skuruhatt.
Mastering Skurugata

Almost at the top of Skuruhatt
Climbing around these crazy rocks in the Smalandish forest is a tradition for us.  But this is the first time we have met another American (that we didn't bring).  We met a lot of people.  It was crowded. 

But back to the American.  It was a very "it's a small world" experience.  He was originally from Long Island, not far from where Odd was an exchange student in High School.  Now he is married to a Swede who he met in Fairfax, Virginia.  This was sounding very familiar, because Odd and I also met in Fairfax, VA.  Now he lives in a beach town here in Sweden; called Halmstad.  The same town we are planning on visiting this weekend and the place where Odd was born.  We may have an addition person to visit!  Cool!

Blueberry Tart a'la Eksjö

End of the hike (I just like this picture)
Today we also enjoyed the blueberries we picked yesterday.  I made a great tart.  (Thanks, Mom for the super fantastic recipe!) 

The tart we enjoyed with Ola, Annette, and family, after a pizza fest!  Inbetween all this we also watched the US Women's soccer team beat up on France (great game) and the Swedish Women's team loose face to the Japanese team. (boo, hissss) 

On one level I am glad of these match-ups because I will not be put through another US vs Sweden game but I also wanted it at the same time.  Now, at least, I can cheer for both of them and not be torn.
Go, USA!!
Hej Ja, Sverige!!

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