Saturday, July 2, 2011

Day Three: Parade and Party!

Frukost (Breakfast)
Finally had reached jet-lag correction.  Waking up at a respectable vacation hour: 8ish.  Had another yummy breakfast and trekked into town to meet family and watch the Häsar parade (Horse parade).

Rest in "Gammal Stad" (old town)
I am always falling in love with  Eksjö when we come here.  It is a wonderful town.  Just the right mix of modern and country-life.  It is a good size for a irregular visitor, like myself.  I know that when I get lost, when going for my run (as I did today) that I will soon turn a corner and find a familiar place or face.
Sofia and Lovisa parade watchers
I can report an official fika (snack) break at a local bakery too.  After the parade we made a stop at the newly remodeled Princess Konditori. Our favorite bread store has had a modern facelift.  The pastry is yummy as always.  (This is why I must continue to run!!)  After the parade, we continued our walk through town.  The kids got to get their "lordagsgodis" (Saturday candy), which would have been the best part of the day except THEN we had an instant party when Farmor Karin, Uncle Ola, Annette, Olivia, Lovisa, Ludvig, and Uncle Joakim showed up with dinner! Awesome!  Thanks, Ola and Karin for the tastee Greek food!    
Party people
Wonderful/crazy playground
I should never have trouble getting my kids to sleep at night.  They are super active!  In between all the parades and parties we had a stop at the "best playground" (according to Elliot). And we made a short drive out to the countryside to visit friends and borrow golf clubs, but all the kids cared about was their trampoline. Even with bellys full of candy they sleep without a peep. Whew....
Any trampoline is a good trampoline!

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