Friday, July 22, 2011

Days 21 and 22: Visitors, Gränna, and Pie

Always fun to meet people from the past.  We had the pleasure of meeting former neighbors of Odd's yesterday.  Nice few hours of sharing pictures and stories. 

We relaxed most of the day, not making any plans.  Maybe it's not good, we are getting use to this life style....oh but I wish......

Friends from Kungsbacka visit for fika

Rune stone at Eksjö Church
After our visitors left we took a long walk through Eksjö.  We stopped at the sports shop where Elliot got a terrific new backpack for school.  (Fall is approaching!!) 

On Friday, we packed the car and caravaned with lots of family to the candy making town: Gränna. 

This is the place were the candy cane was invented.  We actually had it confirmed today at the store that just won the Candy Cane making championship.  (You know their has to be a contest!!)

In front of the candy story.  They are actually MANY candy stores, but this one had a bench!

Enjoying the spoils of the candy wars!! (no one was seriously injured)
After all that candy we need a little exercise. We decided to climb the nearest mountain.  No problem!  It was just behind the stores.  Good planning.  Very interesting topography! (Harbor/ town/ mountain)

Great climb, 232 steps
Once at the top, it should come as no surprise, we ATE!!   It was a lot of steps...... ;-)

Shrimp AND Lax, deluxe!
Once back to Eksjö, the boys went to the bar.....(brother bonding) and I made a pie! Using all the cherries we had collected earlier this week.  Delicious and nutritious.  (if it wasn't for all the butter...)

Cherry, peach and strawberries baked in a pie
After the pie we had some interesting anticts from the younger Stalebrink's.  I think the sugar has gone to their heads....or maybe their feet?!

Sofia and Lovisa's balancing act

Boys turn to balance

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