Sunday, July 17, 2011

Day 16 and 17: Gothenburg Islands and Tylösand

We hoped in the car early Saturday morning and were in Gothenberg by lunch.  We are luck to have some old friends that live outside of the city.  We met Christian and his family and they took us on a tour of Gothenberg Archipelago, the ten Öckerö islands.  It was a great trip,
Eliassons and the Stalebrinks enjoy the brief sun shine

Waiting for the ferry in front of the map
 The day exploring the islands was if not exactly warm, it was sunny.  After we had a great shrimp sandwich and fun fishing for crabs, we had to take a swim in the North Sea.  (...Or they did, lacking the hearty Swedish blood, I thought it was too cold.)
Mermaid on her rock
Boy in the North Sea

Bundled up on the rocks
 It was a great time.  Great hosts and good times.  I hope someday we can travel back to visit the Eliassons and do the Volvo deal. Chris works for them here, very convenient if you are picking up a Volvo anyway!?

The next morning we got another early start and headed south.  Odd wanted to visit his childhood stomping ground (Kungsbacka) and we had more friends to visit. 

Odd's families old condo in Kungsbacka

Odd with Per Gessles' gold records
 Our Elizabethtown friends, the Lindseys have shown up in Sweden, YEA!!!  We had traveled down the Swedish east coast to the sand beaches in Halmstad.  We met Magdalana and her boys at the Hotel Tylösand.  It was a very cool arty hotel that is part owned by Per Gessles of Roxette fame. 

The weather had stopped cooperating with us at this point.  It was raining  and cold, not a good combination for a summer town.  Of course the kids did NOT care.  So off to the beach we treked.
They were already wet from the rain, why not jump in the sea?

Silly rained soaked kids
 Back home now!  All the laundry is (almost) done and the USA just lost the Women's Soccer World cup to Japan.  Damn, they are beat. Well.... at least we had a great weekend.  I'm beat too.

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