Monday, July 25, 2011

Off to Copenhagen!

It was a early morning with all of us ready to get moving.  Packing needing finishing and laundry needed doing! It was a happy surprise that the morning went smoothly and quickly everything was accomplished. Odd even got in touch with the airline and travel company that had printed his name wrong on the tickets!!  (Could be a big problem since the horrible happenings in Norway.)  Hopefully all that is sorted out.

We managed to get in a last jog and a walk through town, when we stopped at Lennart's Bakery for treats.
"the green stuff is the best"

Running free in Eksjö

Travel fever, as we wait for Farfar to pick us up
  After a dozen "final" walk throughs of the Östberg home to make sure we haven't forgotten anything, it was finally truly time to go.  Jan got us to Nässjö train station, but not before he past on some parting gifts.

Jan we love ya!  

The gifts are a hit, Elliot is using his currently to read in his cozy nook at the hotel. (Sofia is already asleep.)

Before we got on the train the number one question was when could they "explore the train".  Elliot later explained this is code for when could we get stuff from the dining car!

Needless to say the trip from Nässjö to Copenhagen is relatively fast, about 2.5 hours.  "We're already in another country!!", said Elliot

the drop off

Elliot gets settled on the train (X2000, rules!)

Happy to be in Copenhagen!

 We have stayed in the same hotel in Copenhagen a few times now, Scandic Copenhagen.  It is in easy hiking distance to the train station and not too far from other sights. Plus, normally it has been a good deal price wise. (Denmark is stupid expensive, for Americans!)  Scandic is not winning many stars this trip.  Our room was not well cleaned. (Sofia found a tobacco container in the bed. Yuck!) But they are in the middle of a full renovation, so I will give the place another try once renovated.  If we are not priced out by said renovation!?

Odd enjoys a glass of vino overlooking Copenhagen
 We only really had this afternoon to explore since we leave at noon for the airport. We decided to do what we could do on Østergade, Strøget before we all collapsed.  My goal was the statue of the Little Mermaid.  It didn't happen...but we got a shot with the maker instead!
Hanging out with Hans! (Christian Andersson, that is..)
 I will admit it readily...we pushed it to far.  I felt faint and kids wanted to stop at every street performer just to rest. We finally made it to your dinner option for the evening, Hard Rock Cafe (we thought good old American food would get us back in the mood for home) and they told us that it was a one hour wait.  Elliot almost lost his cookies!?
Elliot is really to eat the silverware!
Fortunately we managed to adverted cannibalism and/or danger to the cutlery.  The wait was only 1/2 an hour and the food was great.  Hamburgers for all! (But pasta for Sofia, of course!)
Happy/fed kids
For our little cousin, Ludvig, wish you were here!
 Plan to sleep in tomorrow and enjoy a nice Danish breakfast.  Then back to the States!  Are they ready for us??  We'll soon find out!  Peace!
Tivoli Gardens view

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