Sunday, July 3, 2011

Day 4: Bikes and Baking

I woke up this morning only wanting to sleep...not a good start!  Elliot was already on the Wii. (Which had woken me.) While Odd and Sofia continued to snore contentedly.  "Not fair" was all my tired brain could muster.  I decided this was the moment to start Odd on the running routine he wanted to begin. (Really, he did want too!)
I was not going to let him get extra ZZZZ's.  Maybe sometimes, I am an evil wife?  I was able to lure him to consciousness with murmers of yummy breakfast treats at the food store.  So, out the door we ran to the's was closed....silly American! Only you would assume stores are open on Sunday!?

Post run with baked goods
Luckily, we discovered we just needed patience. (also not an American trait.)  The food store opened at 10.  Success and Sweets!
The brothers enjoy morning

After a bit of relaxing with coffee and computers, our little gang decided to try a bike trip around town.  This is more of an adventure then intended.  Biking is much more important to the average Swede then to an average American.  We just don't have the opportunities to bike as much as Swedes. (good excuse)

I think Elliot and Sofia are great little bicyclers, they just need to get comfortable with the rules of the road/ bike lane.  There could be heard in the streets of Eksjo a constant nagging "...say on the right, stop, slow down, watch for cars, stop, the right, the right...."

After the first ride. Great rides!

It went fine...I was a nervous Mamma! But practice makes perfect... we shall continue.  

Our next events of the day split Odd and I up.  He and Joakim went to hit some golf balls while the kids and I attempted to make traditional chocolate chip cookies to share with the family in celebration of the 4th of July.

Maybe we'll have fireworks of the taste buds instead of in the sky this year?

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  1. Great that you´ve got the bikes in order. Biking and hiking is something for a viking :-)