Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day 13: Blueberries and Bruises

Drama and blueberries today.
After a good sleep-in (kids slept until nearly 9), kids and I took the bikes and headed to the blueberry forest.  Jan (Odd's dad) had recommended a few good hunting spots. We had success.

Boy in the blueberries

Trapping through the troll woods

Who has more? Who cares?

We made it a contest to collect the most berries.  Winner could choose the afternoon snack. They did one better..the started working together and jointly made plans.  COOL, team work!  Plus, we got a lot of blueberries!
Then the unexpected happen as we traveled home.
The road jumped up and bit Elliot!  REALLY.....
You should see the other guy!
Tomorrow...women's soccer... Go, USA.....Go, Sweden!

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