Friday, July 15, 2011

Fire wood and Princess cake

A run through old town started the morning.  The weather is perfect now for a fast run and running with Odd is fast for me.  We made a bakery stop (why are you running after all if not to enjoy good baked goods) at during our run and we had a surprise meeting with Ola. 

It was the perfect opportunity to plan tonight's activity; birthday dinner for Karin. Great!  We love to party!

Farfar Jan supervises
After breakfast, the girls got to relax and the boys headed over to Jan's house to dig holes in the ground to help with a firewood shed building project.  Dirty work = FUN!

But soon it was party time. 

Have I mentioned that Sofia loves Princess Cake?  Well, she does and I think that is an inherited trait from her Farmor Karin.
a bite of the rose

It was a lovely evening with lots of laughing, great food and drinks!  The cousins, Elliot and Ludvig, got more bonding time over the video games and Sofia got her nails painted by Lovisa.  Allt var gott!

boys at play

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