Monday, July 25, 2011

Day 24: Goodbyes and Travel Fever

Sunday was a bit sad and slow. I think we tried to drag the day out as long as possible.  The real packing didn't start until after 8pm.

Jan and Gunilla with Odd and Joakim

Karin and Odd; one more hug
When we were not saying goodbyes and taking stock of the last month we got familiar with a few machines that needed a workout.

the Dam-sucker!!  ;-)

While the rest of us got creative with cool travel gifts.  We are going to miss Sweden and our family here in Eksjö.
Elliot: I will miss handball and Saturday Candy from Chann's and going to my cousin's house to play with them.

Sofia: I will miss playing with my family, especially my cousin Lovisa and her cool nail polish that cracks and quiet times at Farmor's apartment.

the creative one
If I can find the time and the WiFi in Copenhagen (our last stop before the airplane home) I will make one more trip blog entry but if that doesn't happen....this has been a great month with our great family!  Thanks for sharing.

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