Thursday, July 7, 2011

Day 8: Ullared Day

Today was something new: Ullared.  This is a town that is dedicated to the fine art of bargain shopping.  Granted we are talking about Swedish bargains but a bargain is a bargain, right? It was a nearly 3 hour drive from Eksjö.  Annette and a friend, Camilla, picked me up a 7:30 AM and we made tracks! 
Let the shopping begin!

Shopping wagons up the shopping highway.

I have heard my sister-in-law, Annette, talk about Ullared for 14 years.  I was not disappointed. It was a fun day.  I think I can compare it to Walmart with a Swedish accent on steroids with a bunch of outlets sprinkled around the borders.  This place has gained popularity around Northern Europe and has recently been the subject of a reality show here in Sweden.   People take vacations here!

They have some of almost anything you can imagine.  Since I am only a visitor and everything I buy must travel back in a suitcase, I had to pass on the Soda Machine, doll house, and many other interesting things that I found.  :-)  I did manage for pick up a few gifts for family and friends, so the drive way definitely not a waste.

The painful part...paying!

It was a relaxing trip back to Eksjö after a full day of shopping.  Camilla has a cool hybid car!  Then when I get back to the Gingerbread House ( Östbergs House) I have this nice view. Thanks for babysitting, Karin!

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