Thursday, July 14, 2011

Day 15: Rain

Oh lets say the day had a rough start....
Everyone was awake too early after a late night, then I made a bad attempt at swedish pancakes.  More were in the trash then in the mouths.  Bad job.

Odd was luck to get some morning golf in before the skies opened.  We delayed our minigolf adventure and decided to stay closer to home, back to Eksjö camping for a game of minigolf in the rain.
Tough girl!  Biking in the rain.

After minigolf (which I won for the first and probably the last time), it was a ice cream pause.  I do love the ice cream here.  Now by this time the rain was REALLY coming down.

To bad, so sad....if it get wet.

We took pity on the kids, particularly Sofia who only had a short sleeve t-shirt to cover herself.  We made a stop at the library. I actually remembered my library card!! 
Enjoying the great local library
No worries...we all have dried out.  The kids even enjoyed a warm bath, which was a much better idea then a dip in the lake! It was only on the 50's today! (Crazy Swedish summer!?)

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