Monday, July 4, 2011

July 4th, Eksjo style

Chocolate chip cookies are baked. Hamburgers and fries ready to go. We just needed the Budweiser!  Odd insisted that no American celebration could be complete without a proper American beer.  ( I voted for Sam Adams and I was overruled!?)

Before we could head to the "big town" of Jönköping for a little shopping, we had an American breakfast of buttermilk pancakes.

It was a busy place on a cloudy day, maybe a little too busy for us.  The kids loved the lunch at McDonald's but shopping is not easy on any day with excited kids.  Shopping is also NO fun when everything interesting is so costly.  Good shopping for Swedes mean no shopping for Americans.  The Dollar stinks!

Sorry I know it is the day for fireworks in the USA but it is true.  The Dollar stinks.
 OK moving on....
pancakes, check...McDonald's, check....Hamburgers, fries, Oreos, Chocolate Chip cookies.....(food is easy to share!)

How about an even better American import...Star Wars!!  This even little Ludvig can enjoy!

After dinner and a soccer match in the backyard everyone piled in for some time with Jar Jar Binks.  (I can hear the people born before 1990 groaning!  What can I say the kids love him! SERIOUSLY.)
Family bonding via George Lucas

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