Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Day 6:Rainy, Lazy Day

Any day is better with a Popsicle!
Well...not completely lazy...
Odd and I did get in an after-breakfast run in between the rain drops but all other plans were put on hold. (Thank you, Joakim for making sure the kids didn't flood the house.  Linda and Magnus would thank you too!)

At first Elliot and Sofia were bummed, because the delays the mini-golfing they were looking forward to doing.  Only when we told them they could watch more Star Wars movies!  Hurray!  Thanks again to Mr. Lucas! 

When we aren't watching Star Wars we are creating our own Star Wars movies.  Check out our latest JibJab, starting Elliot, Sofia, Ludvig, Odd, Darth Vader and various storm troopers.

Click here to see our Star War JibJab

After computer animated fun, the rain slowed down and we make it to Adventure Golf  Eksjö, at  Eksjö Camping.
Our Mini golf spot

I will add more pictures of the golfing on my Facebook page.  Hope everyone had a great July 4th!

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