Saturday, July 23, 2011

Day 23: Beach Handball and Return to Jan's cabin in the forest

It rained hard last night so I was not sure the planed handball game would happen but I am REALLY  happy it did.  The Stålebrink's and friends sure have game. They really like a good physical game.  Super fun.  This is much better (in my option) then beach volleyball any day.
Sand in Sweden!? Who knew! (not a polar bear in sight)
Olivia is on a championship team, we'll follow her lead!
  After the game we were covered in sand and sweat so we headed to the lake.  All of us with suits (and some without) took a dip in the lake.  It was cold but a great recovery. Next, it was time to head over to Jan's for hot dog grilling, fishing, 3-D movie watching, building sheds, and generally a wet afternoon (that we shared with a few thousand mosquitoes).
Fishing off the pier
Jan's old fashion lawn mower!
Going out for a row
Nice long day.  Tomorrow we are taking it easy.  It will be a day for family for goodbyes and cleaning house.  We head to Copenhagen, Monday and home Tuesday.  I hope to have one more blog entry before I pack it in. 

I hope you have enjoyed following along on our summer adventure.

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