Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Day 20: Wårdell’s and AVIA's new office

We always love going to visit the Wårdell’s in Bellö.  It is quiet except for the occasional Moooing cow or Buzzing fly.  It is idyllically beautiful.  The kids run around freely, as long as they stay off the electrified cow fence. Plus, Göte and Doris are the most generous of impromptu hosts.  This trip we robbed the trees of cherries, had a lovely lunch, and generally had a great afternoon playing in farm-scape.
Gathering cherries.  Hope we got enough for a pie!
Sofia eating the booty.
Odd reaches for the good ones. They are always out of reach!
Playing in the yard.
 After all that fresh air, we headed back into town and Ola shared his new project with us.  A new office...It will be goodbye to the train station and hello fresh new office in December.  It looks great!  Hurrah for AVIA!
New AVIA office in the works.

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